Mosin Nagant 91/30 PE Sniper Bolt Action 7.62x54r Rifles

£ 700
Type: Rifles
Category: Bolt Action


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Here we have a bit of a rare one - this is a Mosin Nagant PE Sniper dated 1934 in 7.62x54r with Hex receiver and russian stampings. She is in over all very good condition the bore is like new, she comes with the tunred down sniper bolt and beautiful light wood stock that has been re finished at some point in its life - the origional scope and mount are missing im afraid which is a big shame but the mounting holes are still there ready ... She even comes with origional sling - The serial numbers on the gun bolt and mag and butt all match and are origional to the gun, a nice one for a collector or some one wanting a very accurate shooter .
She has just under gone a Valmont light restoration which involves fully stripping every part off the rifle, deep cleaning and de greaing, re oiling of the gun parts and re oiling of the stock.. function testing and then re assembling. She is now ready to rock and role for another 100 years


  • Category: Bolt Action
  • Type: Rifles
  • Condition: Second hand
  • Make: Mosin Nagant
  • Model: 91/30 PE Sniper
  • Certificate: Firearm - Section 1
  • Orientation: Right Handed
  • Gun Status: Activated
  • Recommended Usage: Various

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