German made FG42 Mk2 Straight Pull 8 mm Rifles

£ 8,650
Type: Rifles
Category: Straight Pull


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German FG-42/2 8mm Mauser - Straight Pull

We are bringing in from Germany on a 1 off order the Famous German FG-42 Mk2, chambered in 8mm Mauser this is a section 1 straight pull rifle, looks and shoots just like the original but in straight pull this is one for the collectors, made from all new parts ( made in Germany ) on origional tooling

To place your order call us, pay for your gun and then once they arrive in the UK we will contact you to collect your rifle. We are only going to import these rifles to order !

* Gun + Mag only scope not included

Spare mags £375


- Caliber 7.92mmx57 (8x75 IS, CIP: 8mm Mauser

- Weight (kg): 5.0

- Length (mm): 975

- barrel length (mm): 510

- Trains and twist direction and length (mm): 4, right, 240

- Visibility (m): 100 to 1200

- Magazine guide: double stack

- Locking: positive locking

- Fire mode: Straight pull

- butt stock of pressed sheet metal, forearm of wood

Housing made of stamped sheet metal


  • Category: Straight Pull
  • Type: Rifles
  • Condition: New
  • Sale type: Trade
  • Make: German made
  • Model: FG42 Mk2
  • Calibre: 8 mm
  • Certificate: Firearm - Section 1
  • Orientation: Right Handed
  • Gun Status: Activated
  • Recommended Usage: Various

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