Romanian AK47 AKM Straight Pull 7.62 x 39 Rifles


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    AK47 (AKM) 7.62x39 Straightpull Rifle

    Brand new Romanian WS-1.63 rifles are civilian versions of Kalashnikov AKM assault rifle (AKM - Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovany - Modernised Kalashnikov Automatic). The original version features light coloured birch laminated handguards & buttstock, polymer black pistol grip and authentic AKM muzzle brake. We can upgrade you to a good grip for £25

    We also offer a 'Soviet' upgrade (see above) which includes AKM / AK74 laminated buttstock, handguards and bakelite (or laminated) pistol grip to give it an authentic look of Soviet AKM rifle.. £250 upgrade

    Our package includes: one 10 shot magazine magazine, cleaning accessories kit, cleaning rod and nylon sling. you can add a 30 shot mag for £40

    The rifles incur a £30 shipping fee from the warehosue to our store
    call us for more information or see our YOU TUBE channel AK47 videos

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