Marlin 1894 FG .41 Magnum Lever Action Rifles


Marlin 1894FG. .41 Magnum - Origional

Here we have an origional made Marlin 1894FG in .41 magnum a very rare marlin to find and this one is MINT she does not look to have been fired, one for the collectors . Fantastic

The .41 Remington Magnum or 10.4×33mmR as it is known in unofficial metric designation, is a center fire firearms cartridge primarily developed for use in large-frame revolvers, introduced in 1964 by the Remington Arms Company, intended for hunting and law enforcement purposes. Wikipedia

Bullet diameter: .410 in (10.4 mm)

Case length: 1.290 in (32.8 mm)

Case capacity: 34 gr H2O (2.2 cm3)

Rifling twist: 1-18½ in

Rim diameter: .492 in (12.5 mm)

Neck diameter: .434 in (11.0 mm)

Base diameter: .434 in (11.0 mm)

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