Mannlicher 1886 Bolt Action 11 mm Rifles


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Scarce Antique Austrian Model 1886 Mannlicher Infantry Rifle. We have them in grades 1-4 - obsolete calibre sec 58

Grade 1 - £650 - SOLD OUT
Grade 2 - £550 - LOOKS GOOD BAD BORE
grade 3 - £400 - ROUGH

This was the first magazine repeating rifle adopted by the Austrian Infantry.

A straight pull bolt action rifle in 11.15mm x 58R with 5-shot integral box magazine; it became obsolete after only 2 years with the introduction of the 8mm higher velocity cartridge.

The top band incorporates bayonet lug and stacking hook, the middle band with volley sight and stock stamped with Chilean markings. Nice Clean Condition with polished stocks and blued steel finish.

Excellent Condition. OA 132cm, Brl 80cm - yes we sell the brass for this rifle :)

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