Clough Bros Snider 577 Shotgun Single Shot .577 Rifles

Here we have a very very rare Snider in .577 but this is not a normal snider she is smooth bored and was used by the police / guards for riot and prison control - she will accept a normal .577 cartridge but was desiged for a 577 shotgun round which was a specialy made .577 case loaded with shot or other such ammunition. Made in 1868 in Bath england by clough bros for use in the colonies. She is in aceptionaly good condition and the bore is bright. She will make a very nice collectors peace as only 330 were ever made. The barrel length is 22" so you could use this as a shotgun if you wanted to but it would be section 1 on you FAC not SGC and you oculd need to get it proofed as im selling this as section 58 obsolete calibre

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South Yorkshire
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United Kingdom