Walther PPQ .22 Long Barrel

£ 790


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Walther PPQ .22

This revolutionary semi-auto pistol supplied by this iconic manufacturer is based on the full size 9mm striker fire polymer lower safe trigger pistol used by numerous Special Forces units because of its ability to fire underwater.

The long barrel pistol (LBP) variant is an adaptation of this hugely successful striker fire weapon system but produced in a .22 LR platform.

This is a customised PPQ M2 .22 LR with 300mm shrouded barrel and the grip extension to increase the overall length to over 600m to meet UK legal requirements.

The pistol comes with one 12 round or modified 19 round (18+1) magazine and a hard plastic travel case.

All new parts including grip extension and shrouds come in black powder coated finish.

These amazing pistols will shoot standard high velocity and subsonic ammunition by most manufacturers (please see our product comparison footage).

Please email us any requirements or finishes that you require and we will be happy to assist.

The pistol comes in a number of configurations

This version of the PPQ comes as standard without any accessories and the barrel is undrilled.

Available additional Extras from the Accessories page

-Drilled Barrel - £140

-Milled Slide - £150

-Faux Shroud - £50

-Shield SMS Red-Dot Site - £220

-Vortex Venom Red-Dot Site - £240

-Spare 12 round magazine - £32

-Magazine extension (18 Rnd) kit - £22

-Magazine extension (15 Rnd) kit - £15

-Hoppner & Schummann Speedsec 5 Holster -£99

-Hoppner & Schumann Speedmag 5 - £25


  • Category: Long Barrel
  • Type: Pistol / Hand Guns
  • Calibre: .22
  • Certificate: Firearm - Section 1
  • Your reference: OD
  • Gun Status: Activated
  • Make: Walther
  • Model: PPQ
  • Condition: New
  • Orientation: Right Handed
  • Sale type: Trade
  • Recommended Usage: Various

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