Pietta Colt 1861 Navy .36 Muzzleloader


Pietta Colt 1861 Navy 7 1/2 Barrel Black Powder Revolver 36cal

Pietta Colt 1861 Navy 7 1/2" Barrel Black Powder Revolver 36cal.
Favoured by the officers in the Civil War for its size and compactness, the 61 Navy is a streamlined update of Colts famous 51 Navy. One of the best balanced pistols, with its round, smooth contoured barrel and creeping loading lever. With 19cm round, blued steel barrel and cylinder, colour case hardened frame, hammer and loading lever, polished brass trigger guard and backstrap and walnut grips. The frame and backstrap are cut and screwed to take a shoulder stock. Overall length is 34cm, weight approx. 1kg.

This pistol has been used but well looked after and is in perfect working order they are £302 new from henry kranks so i think this is a very fair price for a quick sale

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