Webley Webley MkVI .22 Air Pistols

£ 220
Type: Air Guns
Category: Air Pistols


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Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver Battlefield Finish, Built from Original Blueprints - Loads, cycles, fires and ejects as the original, Original 1915 markings, Single / Double Action with Full Metal Construction and 6" Barrel 6 Shot - Battlefield Aged Finish, .22 Rifled Barrel - 2.1 ft/lbs

Webley MkVI .455 Service Revolver Battlefield Finish, Battlefield Aged Finish .177 Rifled Barrel 2.1 ft/lbs .22 Rifled Barrel

101 years after the Webley Mark VI was adopted as the standard Firearm for British and Commonwealth troops. The battlefield finish MKVI gives an unique and distressed finish that has been battle proven. Available in 4.5mm and 6mm BB as well as the new .22 rifled barrel pellet gun.

Built from original blueprints
Loads, cycles, fires and ejects as the original
Original 1915 markings
Single / Double action
Full size
Field strippable
Full metal construction
6 Inch barrel
6 Shot
Battlefield Distressed finish
Available in 4.5mm, 6mm BB & .177, .22 Pellet

Calibre: .22 Rifled Barrel
Overall Length: 11.25"
Weight: 2.4lbs
Velocity (fps):


  • Category: Air Pistols
  • Type: Air Guns
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Make: Webley
  • Model: Webley MkVI
  • Calibre: .22
  • Orientation: Right Handed
  • Gun Status: Activated
  • Recommended Usage: Various

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